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The Elusive Chaparral


The Colorado pearl.

I grew up watching the Chaparral at the races in Erie County PA.  They were not always the best performers, but the looks always grabbed me a young kid standing against the picket fences at the races, with snot running down my nose.  I do not necessarily know what it was at that time that I liked about them in particular, but today, as a graphic designer, artist, I appreciate the clean lines and design of the sled.  They are in abundant up north and back east.  Pictures of them clutter my internet cache in searches for the elusive Colorodan pearl

Today, I find myself living in the city of the abandoned Chaparral Headquarters.  Chaparral moved from Grand Junction to Denver in the early 70′s to keep up with it’s rate of growth.   From what I have researched, their complex was at 5995 N. Washington St.  Denver, CO 80216.  You would think that with the development and manufacturing of one of my most admired sleds being built here in Denver, it might be an easy find here in Boulder Co,CO. For the past 2 years of the reborn interest in vintage sledding, I have been searching hi and low with in the state for a 73-74 SSX with a Xenoah Liquid 440.  I have even resided to simply finding a bushwacked beater with no motor.  I have been collecting a few gems for futuretransplants.

Here is a birdseye view of the old building which is now the residence of Chart Industries according to Google Maps information.  Where did they all go.

Maybe it is the search that keeps my interest.  The problem is,  I have found a few other vintage sleds that are pretty cool tool.  Must find the Chaparral before I run out of space.


Keep on sleddin,